Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guest "books"

I don’t particularly want my guestbook to be in “book” format when there are so many wonderful alternatives. How often will you/do you flip through your wedding guestbook?

Something I’ve been seeing a lot of are fingerprint “guestbooks.” Most are a sketch of a tree and everyone prints green leaves and signs next to them. I like the one below with a car being held up by balloons or maybe an “Up” house? These can be displayed as art and a constant reminder of the special day.

Fingerprinting too messy or too much work? Why not have guests sign the border or mat of a framed poster with a picture of the two of you or put a wedding photo in it afterwards? Again, this can be hung somewhere you’ll see it often.

Now what about this crazy one: everyone signs a shower liner. This would probably make more sense to do at a shower not the wedding, but what an interesting idea! Guests could write messages, advice, and encouragement for the bride and groom to see daily.

A blank wooden puzzle is probably one of my favorite ideas, but probably the most expensive. Everyone signs or writes a short message on the individual pieces. It would be so much fun to put it together and read everyone’s messages. You could even glue it together one day.

My last idea probably will end up in book form, but it’s more fun to look through than a regular guestbook. Photo booth anyone? Supply a backdrop and chalkboard for guests to leave messages. Or have a Polaroid camera on hand and the pictures could be added immediately while guests write messages near them.

Someday I’ll chose a wonderful guestbook alternative because…

Someday I’ll Say I Do

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