Monday, May 9, 2011

I Want To Play A Game

Did anyone read the title and hear it in the creepy Jigsaw voice from the Saw movies? Just me? That's alright, I guess. Anyway...

Some bridal shower games are just plain dumb and embarrassing. If you're into that, you probably will not be my maid of honor so I'm not too concerned. For anyone who's looking for games that are a little less uncomfortable, I think I've found some. I'd love to hear your ideas or alternate ways of doing mine!

Mystery Memories

Include a blank card in the invitations asking guests to write down their favorite memory of the bride, groom, or couple. When guests arrive have them put the cards in a box to later be read aloud by the bride and/or groom. They must then guess who wrote it. Afterwards, these can be kept in a decorative box as sentimental keepsakes.

*speaking of a keepsake… This isn’t really a game, but blank recipe cards are another thing that could be sent in the invitations. Gather the cards from all the guests and the bride has a wonderful set of recipes.

Pass the Presents

Everyone sits in a circle and two or three gifts are handed out randomly. Guests listen as a story is read. When they hear the word “right,” they pass the present to the right. Same goes for “left.” As the story goes, it’s fun to read faster as everyone becomes comfortable with the game. You can find customizable stories on the internet.

Pin the (blank) on the (blank)

Modify this classic game to fit the mood of the shower. Conservative: Pin the tie/ring on the groom. Risque: pin real lingerie to something.

Scavenger Hunt

You can take the classic route of one clue leading to the next or just give the participants a list of items that can be found in a given area. Make it sexy and hide things like furry handcuffs, panties, or body paint. Another alternative to hiding things or creating clues is to come up with a list of things likely (and some not likely) to be found in the guests’ purses, etc. Team/group/person with the most items on the list wins.

Hot Potato

Another classic, but I have a twist. In the child’s game, you don’t want to be stuck with the “potato.” Let your guests think this is the case by saying “whoever is stuck with the box has to wear what’s inside for the rest of the party.” The twist: the box contains jewelry or something nice and wearable.

Memory Games

An assortment of random (but useful) items i.e. hot pads, tongs, place mats, napkin holder, etc. is shown to the guests for a short amount of time. Lay them all out then cover them up or I heard someone attached everything to a robe, which was modeled for a minute or so. Whoever remembers and writes down the most gets a prize and the bride receives all the items.

The second memory game I have is this: give everyone nametags with famous wives and wear them throughout the shower. Towards the end of the party, remove nametags and hand out a guest list so everyone can try to remember who was who. Or put numbers on the back of the nametags and simply reverse them while sitting in a circle and writing the famous wife next to the corresponding number.

Thank You’s

Finding a way to incorporate guests filling out envelopes for thank you cards is always helpful for the bride. Have everyone address an envelope to themselves then gather them for a drawing.

How Well Do You Know the Bride? (Groom, couple)

Everyone gets the same set of questions and a time limit. Most questions answered correctly wins a prize. Easy-Peasy.

Bridal Bingo

Bingo isn’t usually very exciting so it wasn’t going to make the list. Sometimes though, opening presents can get a little dull as well. Combine them by filling out bingo cards with basic shower gifts. You could even add sayings, exclamations, or gestures (without informing the bride) so when she “Awww’s” over something the guests get to mark their bingo sheets.

Someday I will have a great time at my bridal shower because...

Someday I'll Say I Do

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