Monday, May 2, 2011

Say Yes To The Dress

I absolutely love this show. My roommates and I watch it all the time and it frequently starts wedding conversations. Obviously we've discussed what our dress will look like and who will go with us to pick it out (really the only things the show is about), but we've gotten into bridesmaids dresses, colors, locations, and even number of guests.

So that's kind of the inspiration for this blog. The reason for it? To gather all the amazing wedding ideas into one place. Low budget, DIY weddings are becoming popular nowadays and with time, patience, and planning people can pull off amazing celebrations without spending a fortune. 

Perhaps its a little early for me to start planning a wedding since I'm currently finishing up my sophomore year at Ohio State, but where's the harm in dreaming? Who knows, maybe one day this will turn into the blog for my actual wedding because...

Someday I'll Say I Do

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